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This week, it’s the inaugural issue of VR Digest 2.0! We have cleaned up the format of the newsletter and hopefully this is the first step on creating a sustainable path for the next phase of the digest.

We are no longer going to include the entire newsletter in the email that goes out from Mailchimp. There are a number of benefits to this that you’ll see today. First and foremost, tweets and videos are embedded; you can now watch all the videos we link to without switching to another app or website. Second, we have awesome search powers! It’ll be a while before the whole archive makes it up to the new site, but if you saw something cool in a previous Digest and want to revisit it—as I often do—it’s now much easier to find.


Experience On Demand: Stanford Researcher’s New VR Book Is Required Reading
“Those who closely follow the VR industry will find sections of Experience on Demand familiar and skimmable, but I would still recommend the book to practically anyone.”

Review: Samsung Odyssey Sits Among The Best VR Headsets
Samsung’s headset is the only truly decent Windows MR option.

Take your Blocks models to the next level
Google’s VR modeling tool adds better snapping, more environments, and seven new modeling features in “Labs” tab.

WebVR is becoming WebXR to make a simple, unified framework for all devices
“Today we tend to think of VR devices as headsets and AR devices as handheld phones, so I’ll use that for the example: VR is great at giving you a sense of scale relative to yourself, while today’s mobile AR is great at giving you a sense of scale relative to your environment.” – Brandon Jones, Chrome WebVR developer

Augmented Reality: How We'll Bring the News Into Your Home
The NYTimes app gains ARCore/ARKit features.

Hands-on: VRHero “5K” Plus Aims for Visual Fidelity Above All Else
It succeeds at reaching new heights visually, but the prototype is extremely bulky and the cost is expected to be around $9,000.

Xiaomi Mi VR to Support Oculus Mobile SDK, 100% Rev Share in 2018
Xiaomi will also help you localize your app.

Enabling full body AR with Mask R-CNN2Go
“We recently developed a new technology that can accurately detect body poses and segment a person from their background. Our model is still in research phase at the moment, but it is only a few megabytes, and can run on smart phones in real time.”

Notable Releases

In Death
Cool archery-based gameplay.

Finally exits Early Access to glowing reviews.


Tested’s Projections: HTC Vive Pro Hands-On Demo and Impressions!

cyubeVR – Official Steam Early Access Trailer

DJI Goggles Racing Edition Review | FLITE TEST