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The results of last week’s poll are in: you want us to publish on Wednesday. So here we are! We’ve made some behind the scenes improvements that should improve the blog’s search-ability, and if you look at the main blogroll, you’ll see there are some additional content types, announcements and Quora posts.

We have also added an anchor tag to the email link so that you won’t be presented with the post introduction twice.

Dell Windows Mixed Reality Amazon Review

I mentioned in issue 156 that I was buying a Dell Windows MR headset after the price cut. In short, I regret that decision—and it's most likely going back to Amazon. Here's Why.


Vreal Raises $11.7 Million For VR Broadcasting Platform
Vreal's tech allows you to jump into your friend's games as a spectator in native real-time rendered VR.
Standalone VR Headset Comparison: Oculus, Vive, Lenovo and Pico
This VR Experience Puts You On Top Of The World’s Tallest Building
An installation at the top of Burj Khalifa lets you try Tom Cruise's stunt from MI:4 for yourself.
VirZOOM Closes $5.5M Seed Funding to Develop 2nd Generation of VR Bike Kit
Positron announced that it closed a $1.4 million seed funding deal to further develop its Voyager platform
If you're in LA, Positron has an event coming up where you can try out the Voyager.
Former Mozilla WebVR Pioneers Launch ‘Supermedium’ VR Browser
It certainly is smoother than jumping back into virtual desktop mode.


OK, SpaceX has nothing to do with VR, but it's too cool to miss.