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The Void: Secrets of the Empire Review

I finally had the opportunity to try out The Void’s Secrets of the Empire. I had last experienced The Void’s technology at their Ghostbusters:Dimension experience in New York City back in the summer of 2016. They have come an amazingly long way since then. Read my full review.

Lunar New Year Sale On Steam

Now through Monday morning, there’s a Steam sale on. From my wishlist, Project Cars 2 and IronWolf VR are both heavily discounted.


Apple’s Latest VR Patent Describes a Compact VR Headset with Eye Tracking
Why Apple’s glasses won’t include ARKit
This is a lengthy article, but it provides a good overview of the challenges facing the AR/MR manufacturers. I think even the timeline presented here as a splash of cold water on the AR hype remains very optimistic. He sees a practical, stylish HMD arriving by 2021.
WebVR Unity Asset from Mozilla
Dreamscape’s Alien Zoo Creates A Sense Of Awe And Wonder
I disagree with Ian Hamilton that The Void is comparable to a standard FPS game just because it involves shooting, but it sounds like Dreamscape's experience is even more immersive.
Samsung Odyssey gets $100 Discount at the Microsoft Store
Still a steep price tag at $400, but it's a big improvement over being either out of stock or $700 from a third party Amazon seller.
‘Sword Art Online’ to get Netflix Live Action Treatment From ‘Altered Carbon’ Creator
This is exciting news, because a high profile VR series from Netflix could be a great source of buzz for the industry, a promise that Ready Player One will hopefully fulfill. One hopes it won't be so dark as to scare people away from the technology. Altered Carbon, for its part, takes a very dark view of VR (the denizens of Altered Carbon's universe have a favored virtual reality use case: torturing people to death over and over).
Mixed Reality at Microsoft – February update
Key takeaways: you can now rent a Hololens instead of shelling out the full $3000, and it looks like Trimble (the engineering conglomerate that owns the beloved CAD software Sketchup) has built some real momentum behind using Hololens to aid in construction and engineering projects. In addition to new software for Hololens, they're working on integrating a hardhat with Hololens so that it can be used on job sites without violating safety regulations.
Hasbro Jumps Into AR With Iron Man Hero Vision Toy
It's a very clever idea to get kids to take a break from the HMD by asking them to configure their suit in between levels.
NextVR’s Latest Tech is Bringing New Levels of Fidelity to VR Video
Sony is selling PSVR bundles as low as $200 for two weeks
Although the move controllers don't measure up to the competition, the PSVR is still a great VR experience; if you have a PS4, it's a relatively inexpensive way to get a fully-tracked setup, and this sale makes it a particularly compelling value. There's also the advantage that you can leave your PS4 set up and configured for VR, so there is a lot less friction when you decide to use it; if you don't keep your PC based equipment on standby the 10-30 minutes of setup time can really put a damper on the number of VR sessions you'll put in.