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Assassin’s Creed Origins’ new educational mode is a violence-free tour through ancient Egypt
Unfortunately not available with native VR support (VorpX works) but Ubisoft deserves some applause for this project. Purely educational interactive software initiatives will probably never get the enormous production resources that the Assassin's Creed franchise can muster.
Qualcomm announces new Snapdragon 845 VR reference headset
We're just now seeing widespread availability of HMDs based on the Snapdragon 835 VR reference headset. The new version will attempt to include foveated rendering as a headline feature, enabling resolutions up to 2400x2400 per eye. We shall see if it's good enough to meet that ambitious goal. A major disappointment from my perspective is that the reference design has no allowance for 6DoF controllers. It would be awful to see another year go by without standalone HMDs gaining decent full motion controller support. Oculus Santa Cruz...you're our only hope!
Social VR Sports Viewing Platform livelike Raises $9.6 Million
I remember this from SVVR a couple of years ago; it was really awesome even though they were trying to demo with a MacBook Air that could barely run it. The concept is that you are sitting up in a luxury skybox and can look out at the field from that perspective, while also watching the standard television format of the game.
VR Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Raises $1.7 Million With Participation from Wacom

Notable Releases

A Caribbean pirate game. That's a genre that I think will be remain popular in VR for a long time. Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride, not the movie) is one of the first experiences that got me thinking about virtual reality as a career, because the atmosphere is so compelling and I would daydream about how it could be expanded and made more realistic and interactive. Trailer on YouTube.
Facebook GLTF 2.0 3D Posts
Enhanced 3D models directly in your timeline.
IKinema Orion 1.0
Really solid full-body motion tracking with just a few Vive tracking pucks ought to make this a must have for developers who need custom humanoid mocap.
Sprint Vector
Survios' long in the making game uses a novel locomotion scheme and Mario Kart like mechanics. Users report working up a big sweat so it could be a great fitness experience. One caveat is the movement is pretty extreme. This is helped by using your hands to create movement, something that seems to make your brain more accepting of the motion. If you purchase from a store that supports refunds you can always return it if you find it makes you too uncomfortable.
Brass Tactics Arena
A free multiplayer RTS from the developers of Age of Empires II. This free version is limited to just one map but free polished multiplayer games are a rare treat.
MasterWorks: Journey Through History
An intensive use of photogrammetry for educational/virtual tourism content. Tested visited developer Cryark to delve into the process of capturing these environments.
Bigscreen Update
A major update to Bigscreen aims to improve shared movie viewing with a new room type that allows 12 players but only one stream (vs the standard 4 players and 4 streams). This would also be useful for giving presentations.
Knockout League
Exiting early access, Knockout League brings the opponent count to 9. One of the most significant new features, if you've played the game before, is that you can now attack to break through the opponent's defense. In older versions you always had to wait for them to attack and either block or dodge to create an opening. This is an awesome fitness game and it will make you really sore.