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How VRChat Plans To Become More Than Just A Meme
VRChat CCO: ‘We Weren’t Ready’ For Everything To Be ‘On Fire All The Time’
‘VRChat’ Virality Runs Its Course After 3M Installs, Healthy Concurrent Usership Remains
Facebook Pulls Bullet Train VR Demo From CPAC Following Backlash
Facebook got quite a bit of criticism from liberals for showing up to the Conservative Political Action Conference in the first place after Russia exploited the platform to try to swing the 2016 election, but the Bullet Train demo (a precursor to Robo Recall) at their booth didn't go over well with conservatives hungry for anything they could blame for gun violence in America besides, you know, guns.

While video game developers were quick to point out that studies conducted in the wake of controversy over the first wave of 3D first-person shooters found they caused no long term behavioral changes, we have not heard of a similar study having been conducted on VR shooting games. We are all interested in virtual reality because it's a lot more visceral and feels a lot more real than playing on a flat screen, so it may be a tad hasty to simply dismiss those concerns out of hand even if we disagree with the politicians making that claim.
Qualcomm Suggests Gear VR Is Ready For 6DoF
Although it is probably quite possible for Oculus to enable the Snapdragon 6DoF tracking on Gear VR, given that they have been working on their own (likely superior) inside out tracking for their Santa Cruz prototype, it probably doesn't make sense for them to go down that path. It would be interesting if Google opens it up on the Daydream side since it is supported for standalone devices (the S9 supports both Gear VR and Daydream), but they would probably first need to launch a headmount that does not block the camera for it to work.
‘Planet of the Apes’ Gets First-Person VR Shooter Game
20th Century Fox stumbled with their first big interactive VR release, The Martian VR, with users complaining that there was not enough meat on the bones. However, this Planet of the Apes experience looks promising.

Notable Releases

I've linked to Upload's glowing review because the Playstation store page is really lackluster. As a huge fan of the Redwall series, this looks right up my alley.