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Oculus faceplanted early Wednesday morning when a certificate required by the Oculus software expired. Users found that apps refused to launch in VR mode and after a restart, that it was no longer possible to open the Oculus application at all. This left Oculus in a bad spot; they couldn’t just push an update to solve the problem.

Some users found that if they set back their system clocks that they could once again access the Oculus software, but others warned it might trip anti-piracy protections for subscription based software. In the end it was a workable solution for demo and arcade machines, but left developers without a spare Vive in the lurch.

Oculus didn’t respond to the crisis until regular business hours on Wednesday, and did not release the patch until Thursday morning. Oculus tweeted a statement, saying: “Yesterday’s issue was our mistake…Everyone affected will get $15 store credit. We’re sorry for yesterday and want to help make this right. Thanks again for your patience.”

VP of Content Jason Rubin added: “Yes, we screwed up big time. This Rift outage has been painful for both our consumers & the dev community who rely on our uptime…We apologize for the inconvenience and we’ll endeavor to do better.”

The patch is available here and takes just a few moments to apply.


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Notice how the frustrum being projected by the iPhone in the video is tracked accurately to its spatial position by the phone that's capturing the video.