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Exclusive Oculus title Marvel Powers United VR arrives July 26 for around $40. The game’s arrival also comes alongside a new retail bundle for the Rift. Players can embody 18 heroes from the Marvel universe including Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Black Panther and Thor. If you haven’t seen it already, the final trailer is highly recommended viewing.

The nostalgia-driven trailer is pretty bold in its assertion that VR will make your childhood dreams come true. It would be easy to discount such a claim as marketing hyperbole if Beat Saber wasn’t already making so many people feel like they are stepping inside a sequence from their favorite action movie armed with a pair of bad-ass laser swords.

Beat Saber’s “Angel Voices”

Beat Saber launched in May with just 10 songs. An update this week added an 11th official song, Angel Voices. The update broke the unofficial BeatSaver mod we were using to add custom songs to the game, but a subsequent update to the mod has rectified the issue. The song is much longer than any of the original set, and longer than most of the mod songs, with an intense section right at the end. I haven’t completed it on no-fail mode yet; it’s really tiring.

The holiday shopping season hasn’t kicked into full gear yet, but look for attempts to package VR in new ways at lower prices in the coming months with games similar to Marvel Powers United VR or Beat Saber which can make players feel like superheroes.

Magic Leap One Creator Edition Coming Soon

An ongoing series of tweets from Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz suggests the company is “finishing the last bits” of a launch checklist for the Magic Leap One Creator Edition. Another message reassures followers “we know we have to earn our place in this world.”

The FCC has approved the Magic Leap One Creator Edition, knocking down one of the chief barriers to release.

Last week, the Magic Leap team presented a demo of the Magic Leap hardware on their weekly stream for the first time. The demo itself was a very simple developer sample, and the fact that it was not immediately impressive led to a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth on social media from people aggrieved at Magic Leap’s marketing strategy. You can see for yourself in the embed below, but I don’t think the demo reveals enough to tell us if the hardware will amaze or disappoint. It’s not a full-fledged application and the video is cropped so that the field of view is hard to judge. Tech demos aren’t the same as shipping games, and the device’s Tegra X2 SoC should be able to throw a lot more polygons on screen than we see here.

Due to NDA’s I may not be allowed to comment on Magic Leap going forward until the public gets to see the hardware in person. So if we’re silent on the topic in coming weeks, that’s why.

The Persistence

“Brutal VR sci-fi-horror” game The Persistence launches July 24 on PlayStation VR for around $30. Set 1291 light years away on a ship named The Persistence, you’re faced with an “entire crew mutated into horrific & murderous aberrations, it’s down to you, a stored memory printed & uploaded into a seemingly endless supply of disposable clones by the ship’s AI.”

Not everyone loves VR horror games, but for some it is the exact reason to buy a VR headset. In The Persistence, every time you die and come back “the layout of the ship has changed. Every life will play out differently, with different enemies to face, items to find and power-ups to collect.”

San Diego Comic-Con

VR exhibits appeared throughout Comic-Com in San Diego. The largest, and probably, the most ambitious location-based VR installation ever attempted, was Amazon’s Jack Ryan VR park featuring a backpack PC driving a Rift with professional motion capture equipment for tracking. VR Scout’s Jonathan Nafarrete reports “physically walking, grabbing, and flying with a VR headset on, the entire time.” Players rappel out of a helicopter in the first sequence, proceed through a shootout armed only with a pathetic taser, then zipline through explosions and gunfire for the grand finale. It seems to have generated a lot of media attention, so if you are looking to use location-based VR as a marketing tool, the bar has been set!