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Read John Dewar's answer to Will there be a new consumer version of the Oculus rift for 2017? on Quora

Oculus has announced the Oculus Go, which is a simplified self-contained headset that will retail for $199. It should have roughly the same performance as a Gear VR paired with a Samsung Galaxy S7, but with superior thermal performance (meaning it will not overheat as quickly as a phone would because it is designed specifically for VR). However the Go will not be available for general consumers to purchase until early 2018 (developers are getting early units for testing this year).

As for the desktop product, nothing is likely to be announced until next October. I’m not sure it makes strategic sense for a new consumer version to release next year. It seems more likely that development will concentrate on continuing to bring the price down and developing accessories to compete with the Vive/Steam ecosystem, that now is allowing specialty items like tracked guns.

Oculus will be providing developer kits for another new self-contained product over the summer. This product is code named “Santa Cruz” and will be based on a mobile processor but includes tracked hand controllers like the standard Rift and inside out tracking, which will allow you to range around in any-sized space and play VR. Unfortunately, developers cannot assume that you will have more than a room sized space available so most apps won’t take advantage of that, but it could be very useful for activations and arcades that can guarantee a play area of a certain size. Given the summer devkit release, it is possible that the consumer version of this headset will be ready in time for Christmas 2018.